Walkergate Joins Durham Big Ride 

Walkergate in Durham is the latest business in Durham to partner this year’s Durham Big Ride. 

Walkergate Properties Ltd., who run the complex which has bars and restaurants in the heart of the City, will be helping with the catering at the end of the event as well as other promotional opportunities. 

Loraine le Mare, from Walkergate Properties Ltd., is looking forward to seeing the event first hand: 

“We are very excited that Walkergate is part of this great event for Durham. This is the first year we have become involved with the Big Ride and hope to continue our support in future years for this fun day. We are always looking to become more and more part of the Durham community and this is an opportunity we couldn’t let pass by. 

Our restaurants and bars have got into the spirit of the occasion by providing food at the finish area, and even some staff will be taking part in the rides.” 

Ed Tutty from the organisers was delighted that Walkergate have joined the event: 
“It is great that all parts of the Durham community are becoming part of the event. Not only is the overall Walkergate complex involved but some of the bars and restaurants are putting on the lycra and training to take part. 
I am sure this is the start of seeing a host of Durham businesses become a part of the day’s festivities.” 

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