As a beginner, training is one, if not THE most important part of joining in the Durham Big Ride. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a complete novice, a “Training Diary” is always a great idea for many reasons. It shows you how much you have done / progressed, it also shows you what time it may take you to complete the ride. It may seem a long way off but September 6th will be on you before you know it! 

Lesson one should be TAKE IT EASY! The secret is to build up to doing the event. No one can just jump on a bike and do 25 miles, some people can but they may well suffer the morning after with one or two sore points! Up to half an hour of gentle peddling should be ample to start off and then increase little by little. A good gauge is that you should not get out of breath but there should be a little challenge in what you do. 

This should happen about three times a week in the beginning with a gradual build-up as you get more confident and fitter. Remember, as you increase your mileage, it still should be enjoyable. Come the big day, you should be able to have a chat with the people around you and not feel out of breath. Use some days to build endurance, some days to increase your speed and then have easier days. The combination types of rides will enable you to gain strength, speed, and to feel better in yourself. 

Always remember to wear suitable clothing. Above all enjoy the training and you can enjoy the event day with no worries. 

Seven steps to an enjoyable Durham Big Ride 

Now you are ready to get fit for the Durham Big Ride, here are some pointers and tips that will make the training and event day a little bit better: Make sure that you bike is right for you. Go to your local shop and ask about the different size bikes for your shape and size. 
Any good shop will give you advice free of charge. Start slow, gradually increasing average time and distance as your fitness improves. Get into the habit of drinking ‘on the go’. Once you master that trick everything else is a breeze! Wear a helmet and watch the traffic. 
Be alert when riding -cars and people are everywhere you look. Your ride should be fun and something to look forward to. If this happens then the fitness and loosing a pound or two comes anyway! Resist the temptation to ride too far too soon. You will make yourself sore and then you will not want to go out the next time. 

Most important of all, training and completing the Durham Big Ride should be fun.

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