IoT is coming more and more. You can almost connect everything in your house to your phone. No need to keep track of the fridge, the fridge will keep track for you and report to your phone if you need more milk. The ideas are endless.

If you are not still familiar with this you can read the short IoT Wiki here.

So what can IoT do for your bike? How can this new technology help with your favourite sport. Well there is one thing that if not so much fun for bikers, a stolen bike.

One company is trying to get a hold of this with the help of IoT. A company called Byte Lab has developed a solution for a start-up called B.GUARD. A small device is mounted to the rear wheel. The idea is to stop bicycles from getting stolen. With B.GUARD your bicycle can be locked and unlocked with an app. If someone tries to steal your bike the alarm will be activated and you will receive real-time GPS location to your phone.

We are sure there will be so much more technology available for your bike and your rides. Connect your bike to your phone and you can feel safe during your long rides. If you crash a message can be sent to your person of choice, if your tire needs more air you will get a notification. Who knows what will come next.

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